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Bring us your ideas, inspirations, and money, and we'll recommend the best sort of window for your project. Begin by viewing our window types, which are available in the sizes, designs, and quality materials that you want. Lookout for our window styles.

Swish Homes, the top uPVC window manufacturer in the nation, offers you a wide selection of magnificent and elegant home window designs that will not only change the exterior of your house but also shield it from the outside elements. You can better control the growing energy expenses and keep out noise, dust, rain, and pollution with the correct window design for your home.

We provide cutting-edge uPVC window designs for the most common window styles in India, including sliders, casement home windows to bay, tilt-and-turn windows, and combined home windows.


Aluminium windows represent modernity, sophistication, durability, and ease of use. These windows, with their capacity to endure all climatic fluctuations, have recently risen to the top of everyone's wish list. Swish Homes is one of India's leading quality suppliers of high-quality aluminium windows. We provide a fantastic selection of windows that are intended to make a minimalist and ultra-modern style statement in your area.

Our aluminium windows are well-priced since they are strong and long-lasting. We provide an assortment of superior aluminium window designs, ranging from casement to tilt and turn and sliding windows, ensuring that our customers may choose the designs that best fit their needs. With more glass area and slimmer frames and widths, helps in the creation of brilliant spaces.

Aluminium windows are also good for the environment. Aluminium is completely recyclable; recycling it produces very high quality new aluminium while using just 5% of the energy required to produce the initial metal. Aluminium provides greater design versatility than uPVC, with an incredible selection of colours available (including dual colours).

aluminium Windows Product Categories

Aluminium Windows Product Categories

Inward Opening Window
Outward Opening Window
Sliding Window System

Aluwood wood-aluminum Window systems combine the beauty of wood with the benefits of aluminium, lasting for many years without the need for maintenance. In our collection, we offer door-window, folding windows, sliding windows, and facade series with many options for all types of usage, opening type, insulation levels, and architectural style.

The naturalness of wood adds warmth and attractiveness to the space in which it is employed. Furthermore, wood is preferred and healthier in terms of sound insulation and health: it provides greater thermal insulation, with air-filled cells that restrict heat transmission, than other materials.